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Google Penalty Assessment And Recovery SEO Service


Google Penalty Assessment And Recovery SEO Service

If you’ve been hit by Panda, Penguin or any other Google change and lost rankings, traffic and sales – this is for you.

Since February 2011, there have been over 20 Panda updates and at least 6 Penguin updates. Site owners have seen their rankings, traffic and sales tank.

The number question people ask us on a daily basis is: What happened to my site and how do I recover?

Because there have been so many updates; Panda and Penguin but also EMD, Pirate and more, it is crucial to diagnose

The best method for determining what and why your site’s rankings dropped so significantly will require an in-depth review and analysis. Once the cause is determined a strategy can then be developed for improving upon the problem areas identified.

It includes a comprehensive review of 20 website pages, with an emphasis on evaluating the specific elements Google is looking for with Panda and Penguin, and it also includes a link audit. The cost of the service is a one-time fee of $597.00.

Following is a summary of what is included with the service.

  • Identify all SEO problems with the foundation of your site – along with the solutions to improve upon the problem areas
  • Analysis of elements specifically targeted by Panda and Penguin including (but not limited to):
    • Pages that aren’t necessarily spam but also aren’t great quality
    • “Thin” content
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Aggressive exact-match anchor text
    • Keyword stuffing in both in-bound and out-bound links
    • And much more
  • Link audit, which will define your link profile and point out all of the problem areas, guide you in correcting any problems identified and provide you with guidance on link building going forward.

This is an in-depth custom analysis, performed by one of our SEO staff members. This is not automated or done by software. It is a human review and it points out the problems and outlines the solutions.

This is your roadmap to recovery.

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Did You Know?

Google makes over 500 changes a year to their algorithm (on average). Staying current and making sure your site is optimized for TODAY'S standards is crucial if you want to hold on to your rankings long term.

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