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78% of U.S. adults believe it is very important to look up info about people and/or businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.- Harris Interactive

One of the most experienced Online Reputation Management Companies operating in the United States, igmktg concentrate on protecting businesses and brands.

Your online reputation management (ORM) campaign will benefit from our knowledge and experience, not trial-and-error guesswork. ORM campaigns focus on suppressing negative listings by “pushing them down” with positive, authoritative listings above them. Some of this content may already be established (your company press releases or social media accounts), which we incorporate into your customized optimization campaign.

Repairing an online reputation takes a finessed, continuous effort, and the desired effect is a set of sustained results, not just quick fixes that lose traction once the contract terms have been fulfilled. Our process combines several proven, cutting-edge techniques that keep your online reputation clean for years, not just weeks or days.

Methodology: Repair, Clear and Preserve your injured online reputation by directly addressing negative postings and burying reputation-damaging listings in major search engine results. Negative listings, especially when they are in highly visible positions of search results, can cause a company to lose potential business. So many people make decisions based on search engine results, that it’s vital to control top positions for your company and products.

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Google makes over 500 changes a year to their algorithm (on average). Staying current and making sure your site is optimized for TODAY'S standards is crucial if you want to hold on to your rankings long term.

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